One of my main areas of expertise is psychological testing and the interpretation of assessment results. I have previous experience providing a wide range of psychological and behavior assessments to children teens and adults of all abilities. I provide a non-judgmental, quiet and comfortable setting to administer educational assessments to children, teens and adults.

Through a comprehensive assessment and one-on-one interviews, I will learn more about your child's unique learning profile. I will provide personalized interventions that can be utilized in and out of the classroom to optimize everyday success. This may include providing resources that can be incorporated into your child's educational plan, counseling your child, meeting with a team at your child's school, or suggesting enrichment opportunities available within the community. I will sit down with you and help you to navigate all of the above so that you can help advocate for what is most appropriate for your child at school.

What does the testing process look like?

I start the testing process by meeting with the student and their parent/guardian. The first meeting lasts 50 minutes. In this meeting I will get to know the student. We will have a discussion about the student’s developmental and educational history, current educational progress and daily life functioning.

The second meeting is testing day. Usually, the assessments that I administer take around two hours. If your student has accommodations or has been approved for extended time, the testing process may take longer. During the course of an assessment session, I monitor the student’s progress and address any needs required for optimal performance.  If the student is being administered more than one assessment, we will meet on a separate day to administer the second assessment.

After carefully reviewing the results of the assessment, I meet with the student and guardian for 50 minutes to review the testing results, discuss diagnosis (if present), explore interventions and accommodations that are effective in and out of school and create strategies for overcoming obstacles.

"Don't let your child's unique needs and strengths go unnoticed any longer! Every child has a gift and learns at their own pace. Too often, children are lost in the shuffle at school and unable to truly explore their talents. I will assess your child's strengths, and together we can develop a plan for success!"